What is 2 Minute Trader? A Quick Review

2 Minute trader is a Betfair and bookmaker profuct that is being talked about online, after it was launched by Tim lowe from Waverley Media. The idea is in just a few minutes a day you can be making regular profits. Using bookmakers in conjunction with Betfair you are buying and selling trades for a profit, which has to be interesting, right? Read on.

What Is The 2 Minute Trader System?

Put simply, 2 Minute Trader is a system using a strategy of buying bets from bookmakers at a certain price, with the sole intention of selling them on the exchanges, Betfair, the next day when the price is favourable to do so.

The system does sound interesting, and from my initial research online it seems that already comments are coming in from people using the system to make profits.

The system is using software which will give you the selected bets to purchase, and then you will be give the time to sell them when the exchange market is ripe for the profit to be made.

Who Do You Get For The Money?

Simple really, when you join the 2 Minute Trader you are given access to the website, and the area that creates the bet selections, and then you gain access to the betting calculator which shows you how to make the profits, and what betting stake to insert at the bookmakers and on the Betfair Exchange.

More Details on 2 Minute Trader.

I have had a quick look at this, and backtested a couple of results, and the profits were there.the-2-minute-trader-review

The website you are joining has software that uses filters to pick and choose the right bets, and these are the bets that have the advantage that they will be profitable the next morning, when you come to sell them.

It really is like buying and selling money, in a way, because you are buying something at one price, and selling something at another price, but as there is no physical product, then it is money you are using to gain the advantages, the same way I suppose the stock markets work.

What Does Hedging Membership Contain?

Member contains the following:

  • p.d.f manual explaining the procedure of how to make the profits.
  • You are given access to videos that talk you through the whole procedure of using 2 Minute Trader.
  • Calculation page, containing the calculator you need to work out all the bets.
  • All backdated selections, and new selections.
  • Selections sent by email on a daily basis.

What Profits Does 2 Minute Trader Generate?

Profits are advertised as making up to £1,000 per month, and is said to have a 70% winning rate over a 4 month period, in which the tester made £4,000+ in profit.

The sales page also states that you will make on average a clear £5+ for every single bet you place when averaged out.

Does Hedging Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes the website gives users a full 30 day money back guarantee, which is without any questions being asked. A good guarantee.

2 Minute Trader System Conclusion

2 Minute Trader does look like a great product, it has a low entry price, and gives you the opportunity to try it out for 30 days to see the profits for yourself.

Also, it does not take long, and once your night time bets are placed, which really should take just minutes, then all you are left to do is sell the bets on Betfair the next day, again, only taking minutes.

It is worth investigating further, as there is a buzz about the product at the moment, with reports of users already making profits. Well worth a try.


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