Tony Langley Football Hedging System Trading Review

A brand new product has been launched by Betfair trader Tony Langley. Tony’s Football Hedging Systems seem to be generating a lot of interest from the gambling fraternity, and for all the right reasons it seems. If you are not familiar with what hedging is, then it is a case of covering all the bases on a particular out come, known as hedging.

What Is Football Hedging?

In this situation football hedging is the process of covering all the angles of an outcome, and when that outcomes changes, hedging your bets to ensure that an overall profit is generated. Tony Langley has put together a product which he predicts will cover any eventuality when trading the Betfair football markets, and claims he has not had a single losing bet so far.

Football hedging is not new, but it seems like the interest in being generated mostly on the back of this ‘no losing trades’, and that profits can be compounded because there is no failure rates. Tony also states that over the last few years he has made profits in the region of a quarter of a million pounds using his hedging systems, and that anybody can follow in his footsteps once they have learned exactly how the process works.

Who is Tony Langley?Tony Langley Football Hedging

Tony Langley seems to be an average working chap who just happens to stumble on a way of making profits using Betfair.

Tony claims that he has been using his own systems for many years, and that they have provided him with a very good tax free income, and has decided to share his knowledge with people of a similar interest.

Tony comes across as very knowledgeable in his field, and has a warm, and friendly manner of teaching we found.

More Details on Football Hedging.

We have taken a sneak preview of the product, and there is a lot to learn, but as you can appreciate if somebody is generating the income that Tony claims to, then there will also be something to learn.

The process of the hedging system is as follows:

  • Tony will email you the trades, containing details on what actions to take.
  • Tony will also email you throughout the game with instructions on how to make the profits.
  • Tony will also advise when to take the profit.

What Does Hedging Membership Contain?

Member contains the following:

  • 6 systems for the hedging methods
  • Webinars explaining in more details
  • Calculation tools
  • How to videos
  • Support from Tony himself

What Profits Does Football Hedging Generate?

From the statistics given, and starting with a £300 betting bank, profits are generating on average 60% per month.

This means that for every £300 to will be betting with, this will increase by approximately £180 per month. Or if you started with a £3,000 betting bank, you would be making approximately £1,800 per month when using the methods.

Also factor into the equation that there have not been any losing trades, and you can see why this product is being talk about around many different gambling venues.

Does Hedging Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes the website gives users a full guarantee, in that if you don’t produce the profits a full refund can be applied for, and the guarantee is on the sales page.

Football Hedging System Conclusion

It looks like a fantastic product, and as it comes with a money back guarantee, then you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. The internet is full of praise for this product, and from what we have already seen, and read in the membership area, it really does seem like the real deal.

Sometimes somebody comes along and is willing to show you how he makes his money, and with Tony Langley it seems this is a genuine situation.

Our advice is to give Football Hedging Systems a try.

For full details on Tony’s Hedging System Click Here