The Peter Butler £50 Per Day Betfair System Review

Published by Home Business Direct, Written by Peter Butler The £50 Per Day Betfair System advertises that users can make up to £50 per day by using a particular method of trading. This method seems popular, and is much seen around the internet. We discuss our findings on this product, and see if we can filter down a little deeper. There seems to be many products around the Betfair platform currently, so we are interested in this.

Many people use Betfair, and from the research we have done, many people certainly seem to make profits. Betfair also have a lot of information on how to trade using their platform, and from first glance there are many products that have been built around the activity.

Cost of The £50 Per day Betfair System?

The cost of the method is £50, but this is advertised as a day’s profit, and when you consider that you are going to be making around £50 per day, if this happens, it seems a reasonable price to pay for a system that is said to have been working since 2007 for the author, and people using it.

From looking around the website, there are various testimonials from users stating to be making decent returns from the product, as well as a heap of feedback from when the author used to sell the product on eBay. This certainly seems to back up the claims made.The £50 Per Day Betfair Method Peter Butler

Is it worth the investment?

With the investment only being £50, this seems to a worthwhile investment. Also there is a money back guarantee on the website stating that if you do not make profits, then you will be offered a complete refund. It seems very fair.

Conclusion of The £50 Per Day Betfair System

When we look and review products, we always look to see if there is a money back guarantee, as this gives the confidence that if the product does not work, then you have a come back.

This is the case with The £50 Per Day Betfair System Review also, so we would advise that it is suitable for testing purposes at the very least. The bottom line is, if the product works, then you have an additional source of income to add to any other sources you may have. If it does not work as advertised, then you have the option of a refund.

There are many products out there that claim to generate a profit from Betfair, although from what we have read regarding this particular product, it is very well received, and worth a go.

The £50 Per Day Betfair  Method can be purchased from the following website:





  1. John Penning says:


    This method has been working very well for me so far. I paper traded it at first just make sure that I had learned everything that was required, and when I started live trading the method itself is easy to follow, but you must stick to the rules. Stick to it, and don’t change it is what I found works.

    My profits so far? After using it for about a month on horse racing, football and a bit of international snooker I am around £800 up in profit, which I am obviously pleased about.

    Thanks for letting me know about it. I didn’t buy it from here but I found this website when searching the internet and just thought I would give my view on it so far.


  2. Flippet Team says:

    Hello John,

    Thanks for letting us know. There certainly seems to be some good positive feedback for the methods, and we are pleased it is working for you,


    Flippet Team

  3. Hi my name is Janette and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here instead of emailing you. I have been using this Betfair system for just over a week and I am extremely pleased so far. On 3 days using it with Betfair I have made about £40 only using small staking until I get used to it, but it works great so far. Thanks, Janette

  4. Good review,

    Good product. Well explained

    I am not new to Betfair so I learned it all pretty easily.


  5. Good product this, I have used it a few times on and off, and always makes me a decent profit.

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