The Review of Betfair Scalper The End Game

We are going to review a product called Betfair Scalper which recently caught our attention, and launching very soon. If you don’t know, scalping on Betfair is what is known as taking snippets of profits from the market on a regular basis without upsetting the general liquidity, or affecting anything really. The amounts of money taken are usually small enough for a decent profit, but not enough to warrant any signals being given to the market, and therefore leaving the trading odds with stability.

Generating revenue online With Betfair Scalper

Online income generation has always been of great interest to us, so when we come across something that we feel warrants further investigation, we are always intrigued, and this scalping product is definitely an interesting one. Our review of Betfair Scalper will also take into account how many people are really creating profits from the trading platform.

Many people have tried trading on Betfair, mainly due to the amount of advertising done in the media, usually during football games when you see that man with the scoreboard giving you available odds, to try and entice you into parting with your money. The problems with this, and in betting in general is that all the advertising is aimed at mugs, or mug punters to be more precise.


Yes, you see betting adverting in general is aimed at those people who are more than happy to lose money, and see gambling as a ‘bit of fun’, or something to ‘add a bit of spice’ to their viewing pleasure whilst watching a game.

Don’t even think about winning when gambling…

Sounds crazy really, but that is true. If punters are losing money, then betting companies are very, very happy, and their profits grow. This changes when you actually start winning, because the moment you start to take money away from bookmakers, then your account is marked as a ‘difficult’ account, and if your profits continue to rise, then you will quickly see your account closed down. Still see it as a ‘bit of fun’?

To bookmakers, gambling is a serious, serious business, and woe betide anybody that thinks they can get away with winning of a regular basis. There are numerous reports all over the internet where people have had their accounts closed down, never to see the light of day again.

Betfair is different – they actually WANT you to win…

Yes, the main reason Betfair is different from your average bookmaker, is that they make a profit whether a punter wins or loses. It does not matter one jot to them what happens on an event, because it is not them who are risking their money – it is people like you, and me. When you place a ‘trade’ on Betfair (It is called trading on Betfair, instead of just the usual betting) you are betting against the opinions of somebody else who is on their website; somebody who may have an opposing opinion to how you see the event panning out, and when this happens Betfair then becomes a platform for you to bet against each other, with the winner taking the spoils – after Betfair has taken a commission from the money staked.

So you see, Betfair don’t really care how much money you win, and this makes it a very interesting platform to see if you can try and make some money trading. After all, somebody’s opinion has to be right.

So, about Betfair Scalper, and it’s merits?

We have done a fair bit of research on this, and it seems that a LOT of people are making regular profits on Betfair, and one of the methods that keeps cropping up is, yes, you guessed it: Scalping. Not only that, but when done correctly it seems this technique can generate you profits on a regular basis, which brings us back to the product in question.

The main problem we see with any product that works, is the availability of training materials, and if you really think about it, if you want to learn something in this world, then you are best learning from individuals who are already doing it, right? Of course. And during our research, we found a distinct lack of teaching materials in this area. Many people claim to be making money with scalping, but nobody was really willing to teach others how to do the same.

So our conclusion is, that many people state scalping is working for them, but on the other side of the coin, nobody is willing to share their methods, so the training courses on offer at Betfair Scalper are definitely worth a look. You never know, you might just stumble across the very training you have been searching for, that can put a bit of extra income in your pocket.



  1. I am interested for when this goes out. I have tried a bit of scalping with some success and would like to learn properly how it is done. Cheers!

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