Little Acorns Review by Andrew David

Little Acorns is a lay betting horse racing system from Andrew David that shows users a formula that he claims allows consistent building of profits. From Our Little Acorns Review, the product comes in the form of a downloadable PDF document that outlines a method of lay betting that Andrew David claims comes with minimal risk. Little Acorns has been operational in some form or another since 2008 where it has enjoyed considerable success.

What is The Little Acorns Method?

Little Acorns follows a Fibonacci based recovery staking system which means that costs can amass quickly however there are alternatives recommended if this proves too aggressive for you. There is also a newly introduced staking system that Andrew David says has further boosted Little Acorns’ profit. As Little Acorns is a lay betting system it is a requirement that you use a betting exchange with Betfair being the most prominent example and the one that Andrew David refers to throughout Little Acorns. Bets are advised to be placed around 5 minutes before a race however as Little Acorns can be used any day of the week this isn’t necessarily too problematic. Because of the length of time Little Acorns has been operational it is difficult to calculate a strike rate however I wouldn’t expect a huge figure here.

How does the product work?Little Acorns Method Review

Without going into too much detail about how Little Acorns works (for obvious reasons), the system is based around laying favourites when certain criterion are met. Whilst there is some merit to the system there are definitely questions around potential losing streaks, something that a number of people have reported encountering. This is somewhat evidenced as well in the staking system that is recommended.

Is Little Acorns worth the investment?

Little Acorns is currently being sold for £97 and there is nothing to suggest that this price is going to change at any point in the immediate future. Also provided is a vendor backed 30 day money back guarantee. This does appear to be conditional however with Andrew David saying that if you fail to make a profit in 30 days “you can simply have your money back”. Since February 2014 Little Acorns is showing a profit of 111.11 points of profit using the original staking system with the newer Two Steps Back Plan generating 146.92 points of profit.

Our Conclusion on Little Acorns Review:

Little Acorns has been on the horse racing betting system circuit for some time and it is easy to see why in many respects. The system is reliant on a fundamentally sound idea and has a proven history of results, all of which are huge positives. There are however some things that are worth keeping in mind with the most prominent being the costs involved if you have a losing streak and as I have pointed out, this is something that has happened before now. If however you have the bank balance and the strength of will to see through Little Acorns through its losing patches, you will be left with a system that definitely shows a decent profit potential.


  1. I tried this and the information was overwhelming to be honest. I did try a bit of the info, but the membership site info was just too complicated for me.

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