Jacvapour Discount Code 2015

We are now going to complete a review about Javapour discount codes, their products and the advantages of using their electronic cigarettes over other UK companies. If you have never heard of Jacvapour then you are probably new to the electronic cigarette market, because they are probably one of a select few companies that provide real quality on their products. Choosing a new company to use for such products can be daunting, which is why we are going to talk you through the whole process, and explain why this is the best company to use – as well as provide you with the very best promo codes.

Where is the Jacvapour Discount Code?

Jacvapour Discount Codes 2015

We believe that Jacvapour offer the best discount codes for a few reasons. Firstly, what is the point of using a code for a company that has inferior products? Some companies are just proven to provide more of what a customer needs, and when you find such a company it is even worth paying full price for the products they offer, so when you bear this in mind, finding such a company that offers you a discount is even more of a bonus.

JacVapour have been around since 2010, and in that time they have gone from strength to strength, creating products that are not only created to EU standards, but also products that their customers have stamped as some of the best around in the vaping industry. If you do your own research you will also struggle to find any complaints about them, and the main reason for that, is the customer service that is in place is also extremely good.

Saving money on electronic cigarettes with Jacvapour

Just like anything else, if you can save money on a product that you are going to purchase on a regular basis, then it makes absolute sense to get the best deal. When you think of what you used to spend smoking, then you are already making vast savings compared to your previous spend, but with the jacvapour discount codes you can save even more – The code is at the top of the page if you missed it.

What type of ecigs should I start with?

This really depends on yourself. When you start vaping (using an electronic cigarette is called vaping now, if you didn’t know) you may want to try the smaller products first to ease yourself in, and Jacvapour have some great starter products. The main difference you will notice, even with the starter kits, is that compared to the vast majority of the market, the products LAST, for battery life, and for flavour, so you are not constantly having to search for more batteries, and more juices to keep you topped up. And remember, even all the accessories can be used in conjunction with the Jacvapour Discount Code.

What do the starter kits look like?

The starter kits can look like real cigarettes, or you can purchase slightly larger ones which seems to be the popular choice nowadays, mainly due to the increased battery life. The starter kits we recommend are as follows:

Jacvapour Discount Code

Jacvapour Start Kit

The main reason we recommend these starter kits, which are the VGO mini starter kits, is mainly due to the convenience factor. They are small, the battery lasts around 10 hours, so you can pretty much go a whole day without running out of either liquid, or battery power. They are easy to charge, either with a USB socket, or from a mains plug.

The product is also very discreet, which is the main reason for the recommendation. I know you have probably seen vapours with the larger contraptions, and kits, and they look fine, but we also appreciate that many people also do not wish to stand out, and vape without the attention of people knowing that they are using an electronic cigarette, and we get that, so our recommendation is as above, and we have also used these ourselves, and they are fantastic products, as are all of Jacvapour’s product.

 What is the customer service like for Jacvapour?

This is where the company wins hands down. Not only do they offer a complete money back guarantee, but if you have any issue at all, then the company is well known for solving any issues to the customer’s satisfaction. After all, this is a consumer product that really needs to be right – for repeat custom, so if the company is not 100% on the ball, then customers are going to go elsewhere, and Jacvapour know this, and pay a lot of attention to details.

What about quality control?

Again, this is where paying attention to details REALLY matters. Because you are going to be using electronic products, mainly batteries that are going to go through many cycles of recharging, you REALLY must choose a company that adheres to all the standards, and all the Jacvapour’s products are tested to EU/UK standards before being offered to the public. Also, the flavours, and juices are tested for quality control, some of which are even make right here in the United Kingdom.

How often can I use my Jacvapour Discount Code?

The Jacvapour discount code is at the top of the page, and to use it, all you do is add the products to your shopping cart, and when checking out there is a section where you fill in your code, and the discount is applied and taken away from the balance. Now here’s the real bonus. You can use the code on EVERY single purchase you make, not just your first purchase, but all subsequent buys, and we advise you to do this. You can save a lot of money by doing this.

Many vapours now purchase a month’s worth of product in advance, and then repeat the process a month later, and if you are saving 15% off ALL your orders, then this can mount up to a sizable saving. We advise you to write the code down now, and use it on all your orders at Jacvapour.com.

Happy vaping, and remember to sue your code for maximum savings.


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