What is 2 Minute Trader? A Quick Review

2 Minute trader is a Betfair and bookmaker profuct that is being talked about online, after it was launched by Tim lowe from Waverley Media. The idea is in just a few minutes a day you can be making regular profits. Using bookmakers in conjunction with Betfair you are buying and selling trades for a profit, which has to be interesting, right? Read on. [Read more…]

Tony Langley Football Hedging System Trading Review

A brand new product has been launched by Betfair trader Tony Langley. Tony’s Football Hedging Systems seem to be generating a lot of interest from the gambling fraternity, and for all the right reasons it seems. If you are not familiar with what hedging is, then it is a case of covering all the bases on a particular out come, known as hedging. [Read more…]

Accumulator Generator Review – Does It Work?

Accumulator Generator has been launched by well known betting chap Mike Cruickshank, and this aims to put even more risk free profits into your pocket. Does it work? Lets find out. Mike has launched many similar products, and they have all been very well received, so when this one came onto the market, we had to take a look. [Read more…]

The Peter Butler £50 Per Day Betfair System Review

Published by Home Business Direct, Written by Peter Butler The £50 Per Day Betfair System advertises that users can make up to £50 per day by using a particular method of trading. This method seems popular, and is much seen around the internet. We discuss our findings on this product, and see if we can filter down a little deeper. There seems to be many products around the Betfair platform currently, so we are interested in this. [Read more…]

The Review of Betfair Scalper The End Game

We are going to review a product called Betfair Scalper which recently caught our attention, and launching very soon. If you don’t know, scalping on Betfair is what is known as taking snippets of profits from the market on a regular basis without upsetting the general liquidity, or affecting anything really. The amounts of money taken are usually small enough for a decent profit, but not enough to warrant any signals being given to the market, and therefore leaving the trading odds with stability. [Read more…]