Accumulator Generator Review – Does It Work?

Accumulator Generator has been launched by well known betting chap Mike Cruickshank, and this aims to put even more risk free profits into your pocket. Does it work? Lets find out. Mike has launched many similar products, and they have all been very well received, so when this one came onto the market, we had to take a look.

As a fan of betting systems and services as a means of making money online I am always on the lookout for something that is new and interesting.

accumulator generator Mike Cruickshank

Unfortunately, genuine opportunities are few and far between with most things that land in my email inbox being nothing more than bogus tipster services offering guaranteed, bang on wins cos a guy knows a guy whose wife’s sister walks the dog of a stable boy at a trainer (AKA a top secret contact).

One of the few things that I have enjoyed success with was Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging product (which I happen to know a few people made a lot of money with last year) as well as his Profit Maximiser which has also served me well.

Cost of The Accumulator Generator?

The cost is £150+VAT, but don’t let that put you off, because Mike’s products always make a profit.

When I heard on the rumour mill that he was working on something new my interest was piqued. Having had a look over things now I can genuinely say that I am hugely impressed. Accumulator Generator is the name of the game and the whole thing does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

Is it worth the investment?

This means that the focus is on accumulator bets however there is a little bit more to it than this. Essentially Accumulator Generator is based around hedging which is all about maximising profits whilst minimising risk (something that Mike Cruickshank is very good at). In fact, the sales letter was talking about no risk betting. From anybody else I would be inclined to dismiss it but this is a guy who has a knack for finding guaranteed profits.

I thought at first that maybe Accumulator Generator would follow some kind of complex formula and so I settled down to look at it with a coffee in one hand and a pen and pad in the other (for notes).

Having sat through the (comprehensive) training videos that explain everything I was almost disappointed by how easy Accumulator Generator actually is. All the bets are found for you, the stakes already calculated. The icing on the cake was the simplicity of the interface which meant that I was never left feeling like I didn’t know what the software was doing.

Is Accumulator Generator for Anybody?

This is down to the AccaMatcher Online Portal which shows you all of the data that you need. This includes a list of actively running bets, exactly how much money you will make by placing the bet (which is my favourite bit) as well as inforaccumulator_generator_software_platformmation on odds, the bookmaker and access to the One Click Calculator that allows you to view the odds (that have all been worked out for you). To be honest, using Accumulator Generator you barely have to lift a finger.

Naturally you may well be wondering about how Accumulator Generator is able to operate risk free and whilst I won’t go into too much detail (because you can easily look it up yourself), the whole thing is based around hedging your bets. This is a method that has been developed through trading initially and with the advent of Betfair and the like, savvy bettors can look to use the same principles.

With hedging you are basically investing in such a way that you are protecting your initial investment (except Accumulator Generator uses betting instead). Now this isn’t anything new and I’ve seen it used before with great results however there was a lot of work involved in order to figure out what bets to place.

Conclusion of Accumulator Generator?

All of this makes for some pretty hefty profits and in some respects, you can make as much as you want however the way Accumulator Generator is set up, you can expect to make 20% on each bet that you place which is a fantastic long term result.

So what are my final thoughts on Accumulator Generator?

If it weren’t for the fact that spending the profits are so much fun I would almost say that it makes betting boring. This really is a genuine income opportunity and whilst I enjoy betting products as a rule (and I certainly won’t be giving up the others that I use), I can see Accumulator Generator becoming the backbone of my portfolio as there is a lot of potential to make money here.

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